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Bees on Blooms - Pacific Northwest sightings


As a first year beekeeper, I am not too sure of what plants bees work and when. Would you all post when you see honeybees working a particular plant with enthusiasm? This will guide my bee forage plantings, and I will by the end of the 2013 forage year put together a list and post it.

Post format:

General Location

Date Plant Species bees are working



Wow, there are so many!! Some blooms go crazy with bees, where you hear an electric buzzing as you walk by. EG: Ceanothus in spring, Goldenrod & asters in fall, Sunflowers for most of the summer, clover, of course, echinacea, oregano (most herbs), etc. I found a great book about supporting native pollinators (not just honeybees) in a Hood River shop, which maybe Matt and crew can stock:

http://www.xerces.org/announcing-the-pu … llinators/

btw, the asters had lots of leafcutting bees visiting. With the help of this book, I can now recognize different bee genus.