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Bees moved up!


Hi all. We used a spare hive body to house our feeder this spring until we had good nectar flow (It’s just under the quilt box and above the hive body the bees are living in). When we went to take it off finally last week, we discovered that the bees had moved into it. I don’t know if they had started to build comb in it yet, but I’m guessing if they haven’t yet they will soon. They have an empty hive body below the one they started in ( they are a new hive this spring), so they have plenty of available space. The hive body we used to house the feeder has no comb guides in it. What should we do now?

Abbe Warre says that, given the choice, bees will naturally move down, but these bees don’t seem to know that. We were Langstroth beekeepers before this year and are new to Warre hives, so if any body has any advice, we’d sure appreciate it.




This happens often! I also use spare boxes to house feeders, but I ALWAYS put screen/burlap/etc. between the top box and the feeder box to prevent the bees from moving up into it. Given the opportunity, they will absolutely move up and fill it with comb and possibly entomb your feeder! If they did move up and build comb it’s not the end of the world. Especially if they also move down into the other box, too, as it’s likely they’ll just fill the top box with honey. I would put some bars in that top box so they have something other than the quilt to attach their combs to if you haven’t already.

If they’ve not actually built any comb in that top box you can just move it down to the bottom.