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Bees gathering on screened floor


Hi Matt

I am a bee novice and started a few months ago with one top bar hive, everything seemed to go well untill recently I had a problem with robber bees and one almighty batlle raged for a day or two but now things seem to be calm, a week went by all was well then the bees seemed to get agitatated again although there is no sign of robber bees, they are gathering en mass on the floor of the hive. The floor is screened and I think I may of made a mistake with this . it looks like they are huddling together to keep warm but I live in San Francisco and it realy isn’t that cold here at the moment any ideas why they are doing this?

Thank you




Can the floor be closed? Are there signs of a queen in the hive (eggs)? I would close the floor and confirm a laying queen. If they were indeed being robbed, there’s a very slight chance the queen could have been damaged or killed in the tussle.




Hi Matt,

Thanks for the reply, Yes the bottom can be closed It was built with that in mind, I just have to move several pounds of bees away from the bottom then either remove the screen or figure out how to clean it, the bees seem to be filling it in with grass from the bottom side, but I really havent taken a good look at it yet, Everything else seems normal, maybe they are preparing for winter as the nights can get cold.