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Bees attached frame to inside top cover


Bees have attached the frames to the inside top cover. Anyone have suggestions to remedy this dilemma without destroying frames or killing bees?


Hello! Thanks for reaching out with your inquiry, and this is very common occurrence with Langstroth beehives! Thankfully the act of building comb between the top-bars of the frames and the inner cover is in no way detrimental to the health of the hive. You can remedy this in one of two popular ways. Often times the comb and propolis is pliable, so sometimes during the middle of a warm day, you can can use your hive tool to crack open the inner cover, and use the scraper to remove all of the extra wax. If this proves not to work, now try to crack the corners of the inner cover with your tool, then take some dental floss/fishing line/other similar durable string, and work from the corner back and forth (think of flossing your teeth) from one end of the cover all the way through. When freed, you can now remove the inner cover and scrape out the remaining wax. This should do the trick!