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Bee's are due to arrive soon, what now?


My beautiful top bar hive is set up (entrance facing south) and am awaiting the arrival of my bee’s. I have a couple of questions, and hope someone can help me!

  1. How many bars do you suggest starting out with?

  2. Where do I place the feeder?

  3. What are the partions for, and where do I place them?

  4. Explain the plug hole openings, which one do I use and why?

  5. Where does the queen hang in regards to the above mentioned openings?

I have watched numerous you tube videos regarding the installation of bee’s to a top bar hive, however, none of them seem to answer the above questions.

Thank You for your help!




  1. 12 bars or so.

  2. Option 1: Place the feeder just on the other side of the divider with a small hole (1" or so) drilled out of the bottom of the divider. Option 2: place the feeder on the same side of the divider as the bees, and put it as close to the divider as possible. Monitor it to ensure they don’t build comb around it.

  3. Start with one divider up against the left or right side (whichever end you want to start at) and the other 12-13 bars over from that. This is the cavity you’ll install your bees into. The only one that will move is the one in the middle. The other just lets you get to the other side of the colony easily.

  4. Start at one end – leave the other entrances closed. As they move past the middle, you may want to open the middle hole, too. Don’t open all 3.

  5. I don’t hang the queen cage at all (if that’s what you’re referring to). I lay the queen cage screen up, and then dump the package of bees on top of her. This way they don’t build their first combs around the queen cage.




Thank You for your help Matt!