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Bees and Pools?


Has anyone had any trouble with bees and swimming pools? If so, any sucess with other water sources to keep them away? Scented water, water garden, salt block and water, etc… Basically is there any hope of getting started as a backyard beekeeper when I have a pool in the same backyard!

Thanks for any help.


Will the size small jacket and gloves work for small children or should I look for an alternative for now?

What type of hive will be best for learning, simplicity for the littles?I see there are a lot of plastic products out there that we are not fond of, will the bees be able to keep the wax cool in our hot central valley summers here in california? Or perhaps thats not an issue. We are in an organic/trans orchard, plant cover crops and keep a garden, will I still need to supplement the bees food supply?


I live in central Texas so it gets hot here. I have Warre hives I built out of 2x material with observation windows in each box. My grandchildren love watching the bees and looking at the honey. I have had no problem with the heat in summer. They are pretty simple hives as far as I am concerned. I have a couple of htbhs and to me the Warre is the way to go.