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Been a month, bees not building down?


Back story- first time warre hive keepers. my husband built our warre boxes, frames and all. We ordered 2 nucs and he retrofitted both nuc boxes to sit on top of their own warre box in order to build straight down from the nuc into a warre box. It’s been just over a month and I don’t see anything happening. We are in South Carolina, so I’m more than sure that we are in a good nectar flow. I’m at the point that I’m second-guessing some of our decisions :confused:
here are some of the things I question.
-We ran a bead of wax on the frames- i’m worried that we should have provided a strip.
-We did nothing to the interior of the boxes, made from old oak boards.

  • We did not secure the frames know or did we make sure they were perfectly spaced apart.
    I guess my question is should I worry? Or is this all within “normal”

Any kind of comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you! And I’ve enjoyed browsing for this forum!


I built a top bar hive and Tuesday a week ago I installed a box of bees. I checked on them Thursday and they already started a small comb on one bar. I checked them yesterday and they had at least 5 combs going some of which were at least 1/4 of a full bar. I put a Queen excluder over the entrances which I can remove at some point. I had good luck as this is the first bees I’ve had. I think if you put the nuc boxes under the hive it might work better. My bees seemed to go to the top of the hive as I put them on a board I fixed below the opening. The bees seemed to be hanging on the top of the box they came in so that’s why I put the box lower. Don’t know but it might help.


Thanks for the input. We ended up going in to the bees the day after I posted the question. I was hesitant about this given the philosophy behind Warre, but I’m glad we did. When we placed these adapted nucs on top of our warre boxes we only drilled a hole the size of a tennis ball and afterwards didn’t think much of it. Going into them helped us to realize they might not be building down because they feel “stopped” so to say. We had some extra nuc boxes this time, so we opened the bottom of those more fully to actually allow them to build down instead of having to travel through hole to begin building on the frames below. We transferred the frames and are now crossing our fingers that they will be pleased with the change.


Well I hope it all works out for you all the best and happy beekeeping, Frank