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Beehive placement with a sprinkler system


I had the perfect place in the garden for my beehive until I remembered the sprinkler. Is this a problem if the TBH gets hit with water daily? Would middle of night be better on the bees?



Howdy, Brad – Thanks for reaching out to us with your inquiry about beehive placement. We are glad you contacted us first prior to installation of your beehive in shooting range of your sprinkler! It’s surely not ideal for several reasons. Several of the reasons would be the impact of water seeping into the beehive, particularly if your sprinkler is coming from a side angle. Water pooling within the beehive not only compromises health of the colony, but can cause a collective absconding of the colony to find better (drier) living conditions. Bees do not tend to forage during raining conditions, which likely would prohibit bees from crucial foraging times during the day, and more likely hampering bees out foraging from re-accessing the beehive if water was coming down. We’d strongly suggest finding another location, or disabling the sprinklers!