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Bee Hive placement with yard mowing?


How far from the hives with a riding moving mower should I be concerned with. I have an Eastern exposure cement pad with the West & North side protected by buildings. I mow around this weekly on South and East side, will this effect a new hive setup. Or can they be set back say 4 feet from edge and do OK?


Howdy! Thanks for your great inquiry about hive placement. Surely it’s considered that in North America south, or south/east facing beehives is best to maximize sun exposure to the beehive. Bees are generally unconcerned about your mowing as it’s not directly endangering the the beehive colony. The one and only concern is that you’ll be riding through their flight path (direction from in and out of the beehive), as you might have a few landing on you as you intercept their route. This should also pose no general issue to you, or the bees.


Thank You Cameron, for a nice response. I should have stated I am in the Midwest (Iowa) and was informed as a new bee keeper to try for an East exposure. If more S or SE is recommended please correct me before bees arrive. I hopefully am sending a pic of my setup all recommendation for changes are welcome. I purchased the two warre’ hives from BeeThinking, added my own windows and feet placement. Raised them up to a comfort zone for my old back. Oops…no pics allowed from new user. Maybe next time. FYI behind my setup we have chickens/Ducks with a small water pond dug in. Setting is back in woodland with open yard and farm fields around us. Stan