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Avoiding skunks and other critters


I’ve read that when placing a bee hive in your yard, skunks are a common pest to the hive. I have skunks on my property. What can I place my Warre hive on to keep skunks from messing with the hive?


That’s a great question! Skunks are a common mammal that eat insects as their main diet, and beehives provide an invaluable source of seemingly endless protein. Skunks visit beehives at night, scratch at the entrance, drawing concerned bees to investigate the entrance, when they do, they are caught by the tongue of the skunk and consumed. Here are some easy, do-it-yourself tips to help skunk-proof your beehive.

  1. Elevate your hive. This would either be too tall for the skunk to stand up on its rear legs to get to the entrance, or, standing up exposes the soft/tender side of it’s underbelly, allowing bees to sing it, forcing it to retreat.
  2. You can put a fence around your beehive, which will also help in keeping raccoon’s from visiting.
  3. One trick is to put nails into a flat board (plywood, for example), and turn the sharp side up underneath the entrance. The skunk would not want to step on the sharp surface, but be careful as neither do you!

We hope this helps in preparing your beehive for spring!

  • Cameron at Bee Thinking


It is very important to get rid of skunks from messing around in your property. They will also dig up lawns and gardens for insects and grubs. Some tips one can apply to handle the skunk’s problems are:

  • Use bright lights.

Skunks will not feel safe in a brightly-lit area and avoid lights to protect themselves from danger.

  • Scents and Smells

Try citrus smells. Also, skunks will not come near ammonia. Try soaking cotton balls in ammonia and scattering them around. Pepper sprays will also repel skunks and other pests.

  • Clean Up

Eliminate all attractions on your property, including pet food, squirrel feeders, bird seed, compost piles, garbage cans, and more. Skunks are not good climbers, so a low fence could be very effective too.

  • Get professional help

It is important to hire a licensed wildlife removal company for safe and humane skunk control service if your skunk problem is too big to manage on your own. Wildlife removal NJ professionals will remove skunks safely, and relocate them to a safer and faraway habitat.


I found getting rid of A skunk did no good. I stopped having problems when I went to top entrances.