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Articles about bees, bee hives, and beekeeping


One of my sons, who has several bee hives in Brooklyn, NY, where he lives, has gotten me and my wife interested in beekeeping. So, we are now novice backyard beekeepers. We live in New York, about 40 miles north of Manhattan. As many new beekeepers do, we have been attempting to learn as much as possible about bees and beekeeping by joining the local beekeepers club, attending a beekeepers workshop, watching scores of YouTube videos about beekeeping, and doing a lot of reading. I often encounter, as I am sure many of you do, an article about bees, bee hives or beekeeping that I find interesting. I recently put information about some of the articles on Scoop.It (which is a content curation application). You can access this information by clicking here .Please let me know if you find it useful or interesting.



Thank you Bruce for this wonderful information source! Beekeeping is a local endeavor, while Bee Thinking has customers all over the world! Any knowledge we can glean from people like you about beekeeping in areas we aren’t familiar with is a great help!

Bee well!
Rebekah + Bee Thinking