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Advice on 3rd box


I have 2 beehive kits w/windows coming from Beethinking that contain 2 deep boxes each. I will be installing nucs into them in April/May…should I have also ordered a third box also for each, from the get go??


You probably won’t need it in early spring. Depending on how summer is and how well your bees produce comb they may not be able to fill a super of honey. Your NUC will only have 4 to 5 frames in it. If you are using 10 frame hive bodies they will have to fill 5 to 6 frames full of comb before you add the second box. Rule of thumb is wait until 70% of the current box is filled before you add the next box and so on. This will help reduce swarming and not give them empty space to fill with burr comb. If they do well and the summer and fall are nice you may need one medium super for late summer and fall. If you lived in Virginia or further south I would say yes, get one now. The best answer would come from a local beekeeper who would know the conditions in your area better. Good luck hope they do well for you.


Thank you very much for your reply…very helpful info and advice. Much appreciated!