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Adding boxes late in the season

Its early August in Oregon. I have 7 hives placed this year on April 6th. All 7 hives are currently 3 box hives. 4 of the 7 colonies have filled the 3rd box with comb. Here is my questions.

Is it too late in the season to be adding a 4th box?

If I add a 4th box now, should I remove it later in the fall for the rest of the winter?

Appreciate an input from your experiences.


When you say, “filled with comb” do you mean brood or honey. The bottom two boxes should be filled with brood and the top box should have honey or a brood honey mix. Is the 3rd box a medium honey super or a brood box. If its a honey super and its full you can lift it and put a new honey super under it and replace it. Then you can wait for the end of the fall flow and remove both and they will fill the top remaining brood box with honey, and push the queen down for the winter. It’s all about the timing,and the length of the flow. You have to give them time to store honey for the winter or feed them throughout October into November; September into October if your weather is cooler there. The fall flow where I’m at ends in mid October, so I pull my supers in mid to late September, depending on the weather conditions, and feed until winter. You really need to ask a local beekeeper for timing questions if your not sure. I can only suggest methods and tell you what works for me. Good luck!