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Adding a box


Hello, I have my first Warre hive up and running well. At least I hope so. Luckily, I took the added expense to buy all my boxes with observation glasses, so I can check each box as often as I like without upsetting my bees. I have three boxes installed and the top box is about 98% built out with comb and honey and the second box is about 65 - 70% built out with brood and beginning to show signs of honey as well. My bees appear to be moving into the center of the third box while still working in the second, but I can’t tell if it is just swarm activity or building comb. Since it is so early in the season, June 1st, should I put on a fourth box now? Or should I wait until I am sure the bees really are building down into the third box?


I would wait to add the box, they still have room. If they have decided to swarm, they will swarm. Have another hive ready in case they do.