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Add in hive boxes


My Warre is new and my bees were caught from a friends swarm. They’ve been hived for 6 weeks and

are foraging really well

 I started out  with 2 hive boxes and by the second week added a third since we have a big nectar flow and

the swarm was big. The bees are local and from a healthy bee yard. Lots of new white comb in the top box in

only 2 weeks

 I heard a lot of activity on the bottom box yesterday and got a strong honey odor so my husband 

who is a Langstroth guy said to add another hive box. The honey odor was so strong that I’m sure

they are there filling that one as well. Not as much pollen coming in now and the nectar flow is still abundant. Everything is blooming and it’s 80-90 degrees.

  Since I don't want to disturb the bees I'm making my decisions by outside the hive observations. 

I have looked at the top box twice to check activity but haven’t opened the rest of the boxes.

Any suggestions on how to determine when to add a hive box without dismantling the hive?