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A suggestion


Given that there are many people, especially in cities (I expect) who would like to facilitate the planet and bees, would it not be a potential business model to set up a (forum, website, blog, business) where people who are not bee savvy, could buy and own a bee hive and have professionals work with them keeping the hive and harvesting the honey. There could be an agreement that the owner gets a portion of the honey/wax production for their “partnership” in the business.

Perhaps Beethinking could facilitate this as a way of promoting their business and or having a certain ownership I the process.

Also are there not concerns about pollutants contaminating the honey in certain areas. As an awareness issue something could be stated about this and the effects or the uses of herbicides and pesticides contaminating the honey and pollen.

Thank you for considering these ideas.



I’m aware of programs like this being set up throughout the country by various beekeeping entrepreneurs. If I can scrounge up their contact information I’ll post it here!