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A "stand" for hanging the full top bars?



I am new to top bar beekeeping (and beekeeping in general) and have just begun keeping bees in one of the great Bee Thinking top bar cedar hives.

My question is the following (I am hoping that someone can suggest an answer):

When I lift a wooden bar with comb on it from the hive, I am stuck holding the thing with two hands and have trouble doing anything else with the comb, like brushing bees, getting a view of the opposite side, using a magnifying glass, etc., plus I am afraid of accidentally jolting or moving the bar wrong and having the comb break off.

So, is there a way to place the full bar on some kind of small “stand” so that I could investigate the bar at leisure? I envision something which could stand on the other top bars, kind of like a gallows, on which I could hang the full bar supported from both ends. I could then use my two hands for other tasks than holding the bar.

Anyone have any ideas for this, or is there such a device or solution available already?

Many thanks,

Froney Crawford


I saw a plan for a stand at the end of a manual on building a TBH. The stand is on pg 41 of the manual. The link for the manual is:

http://www.lulu.com/items/volume_69/815 … r_hive.pdf

I hope it works for you.



Regarding a stand, I just used some old 2X4’s and constructed a “U” shaped stand. Made sure that the width was wide enough to hold the top bar but not too close that it would interfere with the triangle wedge. I also made sure that the height was taller than the depth of the inside of the TBH. That way when the top bar is hanging there is enough clearance underneath the comb. I place the stand on top of the top bars that are at the opposite end of where I am inspecting.



I’ve created such a stand before using 2x4s as mowleg described. Nowadays I don’t use a stand, but at times I suppose they could be helpful. I find that I can hold a comb with one hand from the center of the top bar. This allows me to easily use the other hand to brush bees, etc.

Also, you can flip the comb around the other way using two hands – just turn it up-side-down while keeping the comb perpendicular to the ground. Once you’re done inspecting the upside-down-comb, turn it back over so that it’s right-side-up!

We’ve had a couple requests for a “comb holder” or “stand.” We’re working on creating some other items first, but may be able to get such a product produced this year! Using your creative (and helpful!) terminology, I think we’ll call it the Froney Comb Gallows!

Here is another example:





Thanks for the tips! I was able to make a stand out of some small cedar planks, and it looks a bit like Matt’s stand in the picture.



a milk crate works