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A hive full of brood


Both of my hives in Portland came out of winter healthy and with a few full bars of honey when I checked them in March. I just went back inside recently and saw that they have not only consumed all of the bars of honey, but have expanded the hives tremendously and have almost built out the remaining empty bars. When I inspected, it seems that all of the bars have brood in them, and that the hive was very crowed with workers.

Let’s say I have a very active queen in each hive, it does seem very crowded already and we haven’t even gotten into May. My questions are: if every bar now has brood, where are they going to find space to build honey bars? Do I need to somehow think about splitting the hive at this point before they swarm? What management (I tend to be a mostly hands off manager) do I need to do to ensure that they have the proper amount of space for brood AND honey.

Thank you!