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7 bar nuc hive



If I had one of your 7 bar nuc hive and captured a swarm - how long could a swarm stay in a nuc before being transferred into a full size top bar hive? I am thinking about buying both a top bar hive and a nuc, with my goal being starting with some locally obtained bees in the full size hive and maybe trying to capture a swarm sometime this year (If I am lucky) in the nuc hive. Could the nuc be used as a swarm trap if it was baited?




Thanks for your post. It depends on when you catch them, the size of the swarm and the forage available. It could be a matter of a few weeks or 6+ months. I overwinter nucleus colonies that are usually started from splits or very late swarms in July. That way I’ve got bees available in the spring should I lose any colonies. I’d say on average here in Portland, if I catch a swarm in a nuc box in May need to transfer them by June sometime. Once they are getting close to filling up the box (within 2 bars of the end) I usually get the transfer done. If you keep them in longer they will swarm.

They can absolutely be used a swarm traps/bait hives! They work very well. Just put a couple drops of lemongrass oil in the entrance and hang them up 10 feet or so (if you can). They’ll work on the ground, too, but higher up the better.





what the best way to transfer the bees from the nuc to the top bar. I am hoping to get a swarm from my brother this spring. I have given him a top bar nuc to keep them in untill i can transport them. Is it just a case of moving the top bars in the same order from the nuc to the hive.

Thanks, Andy